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De Montfort Media was set up in 2018 to help further the storytelling industry. It is now the holding company for a set of subsidiaries whose activities lie in the literary and movie industries. For literature, that encompasses book publishing, selling and reviewing; and for movies, film making, production and reviews.

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Presently there are 4 subsidiaries covering all aspects of the literary and movie making supply chains. But storytelling and engaging entertainment are clearly the passionate heart of all of our projects.
Literatory bookstore was set up to retain an online independent bookstore presence as Wordery was sold to the global conglomerate Elliott Advisors. Literatory would also bring together and support high street bookstores as part of its plan. At the heart of Literatory is a revolutionary book recommendation algorithm that is set to widen the reading list of even the most modest of readers.
in 2018, our publishing arm, De Montfort Literature, was set up to offer an alternative path to book publishing where we would provide a realistic career path for novelists. Authors are hired using an esoteric combination of their personality and writing analysis. This allows for a greater diversity of potential hire since traditional methods of selecting authors requires them to write books essentially for free or whilst working a job which excludes the vast majority of underprivileged people in society.
The Full Cheddar movie review magazine and podcast was started to bring an alternative view to movies in an entertaining package. The magazine provides written movie reviews by the alternative media press alongside public reviews and ratings which are protected by a de-biasing algorithm.
The podcast provides an entertainment show about the movie industry providing news updates, new release reviews and brief breakdowns of story, direction, acting, cinematography and even subliminal messaging.
The De Montfort Review was set up to provide a comfortable and dynamic meeting place for writers and readers alike. Writers would be able to showcase their works from poetry to flash fiction to short stories to full novels. Whilst readers can engage with those literary works, authors, editors by reading, asking questions and conversations with likeminded readers and literary creators.

What we stand for

Our Mission

Innovation in storytelling

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Diversity, strength

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Respect, equality, fairness

The Academy

Our employees are an important and valued part of the company. To ensure that they are always able to meet the commitments of their roles, ongoing training is provided which is both job specific and general career path based.  They will also be introduced to the three phases of innovation and product & service development.

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